Friday, May 8, 2009

In Cottonwood, Arizona....

Yesterday, I landed in Phoenix, AZ at 11:15 am (local time)and it was 97 degrees.... By the time we arrived in Cottonwood, AZ at about 2:30 pm, the thermometer was reading 112 degrees! Holy Crap!!!!! It was freakin HOT!!! They are calling for a high of 97 today, I hope its not as hot as tomorrow. I'm gonna have to make a trip over to wall mart and pick up a cheap set of those "Wife Beater" tank tops..... Oh yeah! For all of you that say "yeah but its a dry heat!" Well, I say, so is a Pizza Oven!!!!!!

I'm working the Smoke Out Chopper event all weekend until Sunday Morning. We leave for North Carolina Early Sunday! If you can & are in the area... come to the event, go to the information booth and ask for STOGIE..... they'll know where I am!

Let the festivities Begin!

Until next time keep the knees in the breeze!!


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  1. OK Ben......You know the first thing I am going to say.....Be SAFE first. I know....sounds like Dad, but so what. OUTSTANDING Journey!!!!!!!! I envy You. I will be posting and Linking HIKING MICHIGAN to your Blog to follow your exploits. Hope to see alot of pictures and tall tales. Good Luck and great Weather.