Monday, May 4, 2009

Its Almost departure time....

Well, I've been busy as hell lately.... Trying to get the bike in order, mechanically, and everythign packed.... I've been running all over Michigan trying to find a good set of saddle bags, my old bags not only didn't fit the new bike but they were starting to fall apart..... not a good start to a 14K mile trip! LOL

Last Saturday, I rand the bike down to The Horse Backstreet Choppers World Head Quarters in Macomb, MI and wouldn't you know it..... I forgot to pack my helmets.... Oh well, guess I'm gonna have to wear it on the plane along with my surgical mask to prevent the SWINE FLU! LOL..... I was told by the magazine owner that "since you have a passenger seat on your bike, one of the models will have to ride with you from AZ to NC..." Oh Dang! I really wanted to ride solo.... but I suppose I can make an exception! :D

Well, the night before last along with last night, I have the infamous dreaded feeling that I'm going to forget something to pack or due..... I haven't gotten to the point of dreaming that I forgot how to ride the bike or forgot how to change a sparkplug..... but the closer I get to departure, I'm sure those dreams will start!

Today & tomorrow, are my running around days getting the rest of the essentials for my trip.... hopefully its not gonna be as bad as my Saddle bag endeavor.

Until next time Smile for the bugs and keep the knees in the breeze!



  1. I don't know of you are getting these !
    Did you get the one about the flag?

  2. are you getting these?
    the one about the American flag?