Saturday, May 9, 2009

The last night of the Smoke Out West 2009....

Well, the Smoke Out West is in its final hours..... and the turn out this year is way down from the years before.... an unofficial guess on my part puts the attendance at almost 2000 people, and thats being generous!!! The food vendors were great, Rob Zombie (Rock Star & Movie Producer) and Glen Danzig (Rock Star) were rumored to show up but it didn't happen....... The temperature was hot, but not too unbearable..... but we are in the desert and it was windy so the dust was horrible! but at least its better than sand blowing everywhere!

But, it doesn't matter what anyone says, getting together with "true friends" from around the country is absolutely one of the best things about these events..... It's the only thing I expect when I come to these events..... Yeah, the bike are really awe inspiring and mechanical masterpieces, the women are scantily clad (if clad at all :-D ), the music is great, all the shows were tons of fun (Roller Derby, bands, boxing event, wet T-Shirt contests, etc.), but its really about the friendships and acquaintences that I make during these events that makes it everything worth while!

Tomorrow, we are leaving at 06:00 local time to meet for breakfast and will be on the road for the "Long Road Ride". Its a group ride that is starting in Cottonwood AZ, and stopping in Rockingham, NC for the 2nd half of the event..... Our first stop is in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. That's a 506 mile ride through the desert along I-40 and will take anywhere from 8 to 12 hours of riding (depending on weather and how many stops we need to make).

I do ahve to apologize, but I have been so busy helping work the event, that I haven't been able to take any pictures..... but I'll have my camera in my pocket tomorrow for the first leg of the Long Road.....

Of course, Until the next time, Ride hard & keep the knees in the breeze!


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  1. Hi Stogie (Ben)
    Great talking to you last night. Keep the wind at your back and the breeze on your knees.

    Happy Trails! Love ya!